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Mr-isc / Cartaddons ban.

Postby Martin » Tue Oct 09, 2012 12:53 pm

Not going to go into this in depth but the conduct of one (now ex) member has become unwelcome and they have now been banned permanently.

Short version is that they have been obtaining copies of code produced by third party developers (either on here or from copies of clients sites) and then reselling it as their own without permission, attribution or frankly any common decency at all. In the mean time all their posts have been self-promotion, spam or similar without putting anything back...

So the decision was taken to boot him and any subsequent accounts... Not open for discussion and to be honest as Interspire are effectively dead in the water I doubt it'll be of much impact but if you are considering purchasing one of the many mods/modules, etc... from cartaddons, I suggest you check for the original owner/writer and pay them for the work.
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