Interspire Backup Hangs

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Interspire Backup Hangs

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Evening all,

This is a problem that has been plaguing me for about 18 months now. I currently am running ISC 6.1.8 hosted with 1 and 1.
When I run a backup (database only) it will generally get to around 80% and hangs. I had this problem in the early days of the store and spoke to Interspire (When they supported the product) and they advised to clear the ISC_SESSIONS which did work. Excellent I thought.
Now 18 months down the line they store has grown and that fix does not work anymore. Its currently got around 3500 products listed which is well within the Ultimate edition that it is.
I am backing up the database by downloading from 1 and 1 but would like to get this issue resolved if poss just in case I need to ever do a restore.

Any ideas?

Thanks all.
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