CS - CART - Thoughts here...

Discussion by existing Interspire Cart customers regarding potential alternatives.
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CS - CART - Thoughts here...

Post by babyREFLUX » Thu Aug 04, 2011 12:37 pm

CS-Cart has always been on the radar. They have always had a loyal following although like every eCommerce software solution - it isn't perfect. They have just released 2.2.1 which is a big improvement on the previously poor admin interface. Discuss away!

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Re: CS - CART - Thoughts here...

Post by scruffydoo » Sat Aug 06, 2011 1:37 pm

Yes , the new admin looks pretty much identical to ISC, all looks pretty intuitive so there'd be no problems working in there. I ruled CS out a while back as you could only display products in grid form, this has now changed to several different grid or list views so that's a big plus from me. My initial thoughts are that its seems attractive if only for the companies enthusiasm, availability of decent docs and what seems like pretty good support including in-house custom work... all quite the opposite from ISC. Pricewise it's excellent at $295 for the pro ver especially with the current dollar exchange rate.

Seems to have plenty of features on offer and is based on the Smarty templating system which am not too familiar with but seems to work similar to ISC's tag/variables system. I've downloaded the free community edition for a bit of a poke about and will report back. One things for sure, the learning curve is going to be a PITA :(

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Re: CS - CART - Thoughts here...

Post by MegaFemaTron » Sun Aug 07, 2011 1:21 am

Wow, I didn't know about CS cart, the two carts are almost identical except it looks like the CS cart folks actually care about their product. I might be jumping ship from Interspire when I hadn't even considered it until now. That drop shipping module and custom coding service did it for me. My main goal was to be able to use the tools my supplier offer for doing real time orders to them and it has been nothing short of a nightmare with Interspire, just trying to get documentation on the product.

.... I don't know though. Looking at their forum, there are lots of problems with the script that really shouldn't be going on at this stage of development for my liking.

And like Interspire, I don't get why these two cart companies don't get the importance of restricting coupons and discounts to only one use per customer or allowing store owners to only allow shipping to billing address only. I think I'll keep looking for a cart.

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Re: CS - CART - Thoughts here...

Post by Ranger-1 » Wed Oct 12, 2011 9:58 pm

Hi BabyReflux,

I have seen you around the Interspire forum for many years. I have currently 5 webshops running on ISC. We have been on the platform for about 3 years now, and basically we cannot complain that much, it has worked pretty good. But as we expand, we are slowly moving over to CS-Cart. The main reason why we choose CS-Cart was:
- Multi Store (coming soon) [One admin - many stores] - Major issue for us
- Price
- Development
- Multi language
- Custom possibilities

We have been working on our first CS-Store for a couple of weeks, and it is soon ready to launch. I am pretty impressed with CS so far. Its not perfect, but I personally think its better than the current version of ISC. Especially for the features we use and need. If somebody is considering the move from ISC to CS, I would recommend it.

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Re: CS - CART - Thoughts here...

Post by twist4d » Sun May 27, 2012 12:15 pm

We have used ISC for ages. Shame its now being dumped. Oh well.

We are now moving to CSC3 as this new release looks awsome. CS Cart 3 has jsut been released and we are on board with the initial release of this big leap forward. Liking the look and feel. We have a couple of projects to start with on CSC3 with new clients.

For uas its a learning curve but we are liking it so far. The "hooks" system seems a good way for upgrades to be dealt with too.

Also they do have a community edition you can use to try out. 30 day trials too.

Visit www.cs-cart.com for more details and the price is amaing for the funtionality.


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Re: CS - CART - Thoughts here...

Post by Snooper » Sun May 27, 2012 9:05 pm

I'd like to think there is 'life after' ISC. However, until somebody can resolve one or two hings with regards CS-Cart, this is not a practical direction for me..

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