SagePay Direct 3D Secure

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John Bransby
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SagePay Direct 3D Secure

Post by John Bransby » Fri Aug 05, 2011 1:55 pm


I currently use SagePay Form to take payments through the website but because we also take a lot of phone orders I would like to be able to take payment through the control panel hence I would like to use SagePay Direct. The problem with using SagePay Direct in that when using 3D Secure a customer is redirected off the store website on to another website to take password details. I am not sure if this would be suspicious to a customer and they could abort their transaction at this point. I notice on some websites that the 3D secure is done in a window within the actual shop site so it looks like you are still on the same website which is what I would like to do if possible. I notice in the protxvspdirect directory there is a directory called templates and inside a file called protxvspdirect.3dredirectform.tpl. Does anyone know if this file can be used make the 3D redirection appear inside my store website and how?


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Re: SagePay Direct 3D Secure

Post by Martin » Mon Aug 08, 2011 1:31 pm

I was looking into this around version 5.0.6 but it wasn't until version 6.x that Interspire finally had some proper 3DSecure handling built in on the actual store and not the ridiculous redirect that still exists for SagePay Direct.

I don't use Direct now (PCI compliance reasons) and don't have the time to go through it but I believe that there has since been some JQuery code and changes in one or more of the PayPal modules to allow 3DSecure to be handled through something on site so you might want to look through in the code for those and see what you turn up.

Best I can offer I'm afraid.

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