The Commercial forum

For unsolicited (but relevant) advertising... No pills, porn, scams or anything even vaguely illegal. Common sense applies.
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The Commercial forum

Post by Martin »

Rather than have folks posting willy nilly all over I've opted to provide a commercial advertising forum for any posts that don't fit into a specific forum already.. So for stuff like SEO, maintenance services, etc...

This forum is for unsolicited advertising so you can promote your own services in ONE thread without jumping on threads in a half baked attempt to garner potential customers.

The rules are pretty simple:
- Nothing illegal
- Nothing unrelated (eg: horse riding lessons, miracle cures, dating agencies, etc..)
- No bumping, or shill posting.
- Use one thread for your services, not multiples
- Common sense prevails

I will give warnings and/or clarify where necessary but if it's blatant silliness I will apply bans, etc... so think it through or query before hand if you're not sure.

Also, please don't assume that this is a democratic forum, it is not. I do not give a rats ass about whether there's some obscure ruling on some forum or other that says you're not spamming, I don't care. I will not get drawn into anyone arguing the toss or trying to curry public favour.. Use your brain and if there's a problem, let me know... I will use my brain and I will talk to trusted folks before and/or after a decision to delete, ban, modify, etc... I also have no problem with admitting when I'm wrong after some 8+ years or running various community forum sites.

Sounds harsh but I've wasted months of my time on people arguing the toss over the semantics of rules and regs so I'm not going there again.

Beyond that this is also a pruned forum with posts getting auto pruned 180 days after the last post, 60 days after last viewed. Should keep things nice and fresh...