[ISSUE] Paypal interprets partial refund as "refunded"

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[ISSUE] Paypal interprets partial refund as "refunded"

Post by Martin »

Something that I know has been picked up on with the Paypal module but something you need to be aware of as it could confuse your record keeping.

If you issue a partial refund through paypal it will issue an IPN/API command to the cart that marks the appropriate order as "refunded" even though it's just a partial one.

Neat that it actually picks up that something has been refunded but an obvious issue that there's no "partial refund" option or logic involved.

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Re: [ISSUE] Paypal interprets partial refund as "refunded"

Post by rmeder »

Has anyone ever looked into doing something with this? It is creating a mess in record keeping as it is not uncommon for us to refund a single item out of a large order but ISC then refunds the entire order.

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